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3 Benefits to Working Past 70

November 8, 2018

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Besides for the benefits of still earning money instead of tapping into retirement funds, there are three additional benefits to working past 70 that many people don’t realize:



  • 1 – The social security administration re-calculates your benefits every year based on your 35 highest-earning years.  For example, if you’re age 70 and you currently have a job that pays near your highest level, you can boost your social security income by replacing your lower earning years with your current higher-earning years.  While this little-known fact won’t help you if your income is closer to your lower earning years, it may be useful if you work in a higher-income profession such as law, medicine, accounting, etc.

  • 2 – If you wait until age 70 to start taking social security benefits, you may be able to increase your benefit by up to 8% per year that you defer your benefits.  This could have a significant impact on the amount of social security income that you’re able to enjoy during retirement.

  • 3 – Experts on aging have noted that working longer can have health benefits for people who enjoy their jobs.  After all, today’s retirees tend to be a lot healthier and more active than their parents were at similar ages. 

    Bottom line: don’t short-change yourself without evaluating all your options!




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